Welcome to Green Dimensions Landscape Design

An overview of Green Dimensions' Landscape Design Expertise

  • Conceptualisation and design of hard and soft landscaping
  • Environmental considerations – Biological Diversity
  • Functionality of proposed landscape development i.e., public space, corporate space, private homes, institutions and Road sides as per the standard landscape guidelines and requirements.
  • Design and installation of swimming pools and water features to fit into overall landscaping concept.
  • Design of different garden styles e.g. Cottage, Tuscan, Oriental, Ecological, Formal and informal gardens etc.
  • Design of effective and efficient irrigation systems.
  • Re-modelling of existing gardens and matching / co-ordinating colour schemes for all components of landscaping (paving, screen walls and garden ornaments) to coordinate roof covering and wall colours.

Green Dimensions is able to produce quality work and delivery to the clients specification and our after sales service has been the key to the success of our installations.

Green Dimension’s mission is to fulfil the vision of creating tranquil gardens that stimulate all the human senses in order to attain human comfort by adopting the following key principles:

  • Embracing nature and creating a good habitat for wildlife
  • Careful selection of plants to suit climatic conditions
  • Staff training and client involvement.
  • Use of indigenous plants as much as possible to encourage biological diversity
  • Create an environment that is low maintenance with an all year round effect.
  • A safe, chemical and pesticide free environment by using and combining certain plants to deter pests naturally.
  • To create sustainable, cost effective landscapes yet still safe, secure and adaptable.
  • To maintain the natural local identity by making use of existing natural materials and incorporating them into the landscape (working with and emulating nature) as opposed to working against it.
  • Creating an aesthetically pleasing environment at all times by taking into consideration of all structures in our environment i.e. buildings and natural structures, to ensure that our landscape design integrates with the buildings in order to achieve similar design outcomes.
  • Create sustainable maintenance programs